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Welcome to Drinkrunnr – get the drinks you love delivered in Waterloo, cold and fast, with the lowest delivery rates.

We deliver your wine, beer, and spirits from your local liquor, beer store, or Labatt Brewery, cold and fresh, to your door within two hours.

Drinkrunnr is the easiest way to get the drinks you love in Waterloo, no matter the occasion – getting dinner delivered tonight? Get your drinks delivered too. Another Friday night in? We’ve got the drinks covered.

Take a browse through our broad selection of beer, craft beer, white wine, red wine, cocktails, seltzers, and selection of spirits to be delivered from your phone or laptop anytime, anywhere – at home at work, day or night.

Skip the line at the store. Get the drinks for tonight’s game. Cross “buy drinks” off of your to-do list. Get the drinks you love delivered anywhere in Waterloo.

Check out the beer, wine, and spirits selections we can deliver to you.