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Bartenura Rosso Toscano IGT 2019

Pack Size

ABV : 13.5 %

Bartenura Rosso Toscano is made from only Estate Grown Vineyards Vegan friendly, consumers are assured animal based products are not used such as gelatin and egg whites that may be used by other producers. Additionally a special oversight by Rabbinic supervisors insures its pristine integrity. Italy's rare to have a wine with this oversight, insuring grape integrity and quality at this value. This Tuscan wine is made of 100% Sangiovese grapes. A light to medium-bodied wine, the Bartenura Rosso Toscano is a great tasting wine with fresh fruit aromas and a hint of olives. Flavours of red berries, in particular raspberries, with a crisp acidity and a long finish balance out this crowd-pleasing wine.