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Plano Malagousia 2018

Pack Size

ABV : 12.5 %

The 2018 Plano Malagousia is unoaked and comes in at 12.6% alcohol. This is tight, tense and crisp on opening, showing a surprising hit of power for the grape this year. It finishes dry and clean. As it warms and airs out, it opens up and displays all those gorgeous aromatics and flavors for which this grape is famous. Fresh, a little sappy and energetic this year, this punches above its weight. Hopefully, it holds form over a few years, but it is certainly worth leaning up on this now. It rounded into form after an hour in a glass. It combined some personality with fine structure and reasonable concentration. That's more than most provide. This might hold better than most too, but it is the type of wine that will still be at its best on the younger side-although in this case, it might be better in the spring of 2020. Drink date: 2019- 2023. Score - 90. (Mark Squires,, June 28, 2019)